certainteed-bufftechThe vinyl privacy fencing available through Mid City Fence is an excellent solution for light commercial and residential properties as a means of restricting visibility. Vinyl fencing is made of a strong PVC material that is flexible, but crack-resistant, providing long-lasting durability.

Choose from a number of different styles and sizes to achieve the desired look and level of privacy for your commercial or residential project. Vinyl privacy fencing is a very clean, easy-to-maintain, modern looking fencing solution that will increase the value of the property and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding landscaping.

Fading and discoloration of vinyl privacy fencing is prevented through the use of UV inhibitors, while strength and flexibility are ensured through the use of impact modifiers. What this means is that vinyl privacy fencing is designed to never corrode, discolor, rot, rust, fade or warp and it will never need painting, making it one of the most low-maintenance fencing materials available.